How to join Wilam communities

Join a Wilam community 

All Wilam users are automatically a member of the National Space community.

To join a Wilam community:
1. Log in to your Wilam account at

Click the Communities dropdown menu on the top of the page.


Select All Communities. You will see a list of open communities, plus a description.


Find the community you are interested in and click Join.



Please note that communities which don’t have a Join button are closed invitation-only communities. 

Communities that have a Request to Join button will require your request to be approved before you can join that community. 

Set your community notification preferences

You can receive a discussion email or daily or weekly digest from Wilam - or none at all - to your email inbox. 


To set your notification preferences for each Wilam community you have joined:


Log in to your Wilam account at


Click your Wilam icon.


Select Profile.


Select My Account.


Select Community Notifications.


In the Discussion Email tab, decide if you want to receive No Email,

Real Time or a Daily Digest. Select your preferred option.


If you wish to receive a weekly digest, check the Consolidated

Weekly Digest box.